New development off Forestbrook Road causing concerns

New development off Forestbrook Road causing concerns

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - A new development off Forestbrook Road is causing concerns for people who live nearby.

Part of Forestbrook Estates is already complete, but additional construction behind the new homes is underway.

Once finished, 623 homes will sit on the land.

This isn’t welcome news for many of the people who have lived in the area for years. Chief among their concerns is the elimination of the trees in their backyard and the lack of privacy that comes along with that.

“I moved here because it reminded me of being out in the country, out in the woods,” said Sam Greathead, who has called the area home for 30 years.

Coming from West Virginia, Greathead has a special appreciation for the outdoors.

“Now since they’re putting the development in, it’s going to be different,” Greathead said. “It’s not going to have the quietness of the woods like it used to have. So I’ll miss it.”

Greathead’s backyard used to be nothing but trees as far as the eye could see. Then, once crews started cutting those trees down, it become nothing but a construction zone as far as the eye can see.

Under the plans, there will be a 25-foot buffer between the already existing homes and the new ones. Fifteen feet of that is a drainage easement, while the remaining 10 feet is required landscaping. Crews will install wax myrtles every six feet on the center along their rear property lines.

In addition to the loss of the area’s aesthetics, increased traffic on Forestbrook Road is also a concern for residents.

“Forestbrook Road is going to get more and more congested,” Max Hudson said. “That’s probably going to back up traffic for a year or two.”

Development is nothing new in Horry County. It happens so frequently that some residents want to see the county stop construction temporarily.

However, someone created a different petition recently, asking for development to continue, saying construction jobs would be at risk if development were to stop.

Still, for the people who will be directly affected by the lack of privacy in Forestbrook, they are hoping the change won’t be too tough on them.

“It’s progress,” Hudson said. “Myrtle Beach is growing.”

“We’re going to see if we can adjust and get used to it before we make our mind up,” Greathead said.

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