Woman starts second petition to stop development in Horry County

Second petition against new development in Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Two different petitions hope to put a stop to new development in Horry County.

One petition is making headway after it jumpstarted a lawsuit against Horry County and will be head in court in October. The second is close to having 1,000 signatures in a month.

Michelle Jackson started her petition in September with a few goals in mind, one of them was because of an increase in flooding she said she’s seen in her neighborhood.

“Having a fear of it just pushing us out of our home and we don’t want to move,” Jackson said.

She also said she believes new development is a root of the issue and she’s not alone.

Nearly 1,000 people have signed her petition to seek a temporary stop to building and stormwater permits for large and high-density subdivisions until the Imagine 2040 Plan had been adopted and implemented.

“Many neighborhoods only have one access road and adding 100+ homes into these neighborhoods without adding new roads will become dangerous for all homeowners," one person who signed the petition said.

Another person said, “growth is to be expected but must be done in a way that doesn’t make things worse.”

She wasn’t aware of the other petition when first creating hers, but she said she’s not surprised when she found out.

“I’m not shocked at all, especially when you have well-established old neighborhoods like Rosewood flooding out,” she said.

Horry County councilman Johnny Vaught said a lot of variables are taken into consideration before a new development project can begin and he believes putting a stop to developments would be detrimental to the county.

“I don’t think economically Horry County could survive on a total moratorium on new construction,” Vaught said.

He also said the property for a new development must retain 25% more water on-site than it did before the development took place.

The owner of CLK Builders, Charles Knipper, who’s working on a project across the street from Jackson’s home, said he also believes it would be bad for the economy.

“But what about all the lost jobs for all the construction people in the industry? It would hurt the area tremendously,” Knipper said.

As Jackson continues to reach her goal of 2,500 signatures, the lawsuit to temporarily halt new construction court the week of October 14.

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