Trial begins for man, woman accused of murdering Conway couple in 2017

Trial begins for man, woman accused of murdering Conway couple in 2017

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - A woman is on trial for killing her own grandmother and her grandmother’s husband in Conway in 2017.

Jordan Hodge and Kenneth Carlisle are accused of murdering Linda McAllister and William “Chet” Clemons. Hodge was McAllister’s granddaughter.

The victims were found dead in the area of Browns Chapel Avenue in the Conway area on July 15, 2017, two weeks after they were reported missing. Prosecutors said the victims’ bodies were skeletons by the time they were found.

During opening statements Tuesday morning, the state focused on bullet shells, that had blood on them, that were found inside McAllister’s truck. Prosecutors also pointed to a video showing the use of a stolen ATM card

Meanwhile, the defense told jurors there’s nothing to prove Hodge was ever in the truck or that she even committed murder.

Following opening statements, prosecutors called family and those who knew McAllister to the stand. Her son, James Moran talked about how much she loved her dogs.

“Those dogs would eat before she would,” Moran said.

That fact is the reason why one witness said she became suspicious of McAllister’s whereabouts. The witness said she would do housework for McAllister. She said she noticed no one was home and there were feces surrounding her dogs and they looked like they had been left unattended.

Another witness, Muriel Roberts, said she knew something was wrong when McCallister didn’t show up to do some work around her home.

“And I called again on Thursday, left a message," said Muriel Roberts. "And on Friday I called and said, ‘Linda this is not like you please call me, I’m getting worried.’”

Moran said he picked up her truck from Horry County police a few weeks after she was reported missing and said when they saw it, it wasn’t anything like the way his mom would have kept it.

“What caused concern was the condition of the vehicle, they gave us a notice that it was not in great condition, it may have been a bio-hazard, we went through the truck, it was fast food trash everywhere, there was stains everywhere,” Moran said.

He said as they looked through the truck, they found something under the passenger seat.

“The passenger seat was leaned forward, one shell casing fell out of the back of the seat,” he said.

Moran also said they were still at the station and called for police to check it out and that’s when he said police found another bullet shell.

The defense countered saying police had already searched the vehicle alluding it could have been planted.

Moran said he didn’t have any time to plant it, he immediately called the police.

Prosecutors brought up McAllister had a recently come into some money after selling a home, alluding to money as a possible motive for the murders.

Prosecutors asked Moran if McAllister had money or wealth and he said following the sale of her home, she purchased another and kept the remainder of about $126,000 in a BB&T bank account.

The trial will pick back up at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

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