Myrtle Beach to get a new public fitness court

Myrtle Beach to get a new public fitness court

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -Myrtle Beach will soon have a new public fitness court.

City leaders plan to pay for it using a $10,000 donation from Wells Fargo for the National Fitness Campaign Fitness Court.

This fitness court will be a free-to-use outdoor facility. Myrtle Beach officials hope to have the money raised for the court by December.

The $10,000 donation will pay for lighting. There is also $30,000 from the National Fitness Campaign, but the city still needs $90,000 to complete the project.

To help raise money, the city is also making a title sponsorship and naming rights available.

The fitness court will have space for lunges, push-ups and pulls-ups. There is also a free workout app available that demonstrates different types of workouts.

Plans are to put the fitness center in the Myrtle Market parking lot. It is only expected to take up three spaces.

“It’s free of charge, it’s an outdoor court and it’s pretty compact. So, it’s not going to take up a big footprint but it’s going to be very beneficial for all of our residents and visitors,” said research and development analyst Amber Campbell

One council member asked if there is enough parking spaces available in the area. Project leaders said there are lots to the sides, but they will do more research on the area.

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