Prosecution wraps up case with testimony on investigation, autopsies of deadly bank robbery

Day 3: Brandon Council Federal Trial

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Federal prosecutors wrapped up their case on Thursday against the man accused of two bank employees.

Brandon Council is charged with the murders of Katie Skeen and Donna Major while robbing the Conway branch CresCom bank in August of 2017.

For the third day of trial, the government brought four FBI agents who worked closely with the robbery investigation to take the stand.

One agent testified to finding a .22 caliber revolver, a pillowcase filled with more than $10,000 and a woman’s wallet in the white Mercedes Benz that Council was driving.

One expert witness in firearms said the characteristics of the bullets pulled from the victims’ bodies were consistent with the alleged murder weapon, but he couldn’t say if the bullets were 100% fired from the gun.

Another expert that examined the two images of fingerprints pulled from the gun said while they couldn't test one of the prints, the other matched Council.

Edward Proctor Jr., a Myrtle Beach pathologist, also testified Thursday.

Proctor performed the autopsies on Skeen and Major.

He said Major suffered three gunshot wounds: one in the upper right arm, another bullet went through her left arm and into her chest and the third bullet into her head.

As for Skeen, Proctor said she was shot twice, once in the stomach and in the head.

The prosecution brought a total of 19 witnesses to take the stand.

The defense’s case will begin Friday morning at the federal courthouse.

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