EXCLUSIVE: Presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks on key issues

EXCLUSIVE: Presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks on key issues

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The front-runner looking to take the Oval Office for the Democratic party made a stop Monday in Horry County and spoke one-on-one with WMBF News on several key issues.

Joe Biden is the former vice president to Barack Obama and currently is leading the polls on the Democratic side of presidential candidates.

Ahead of his appearance at the 2019 Galivants Ferry Stump event, Biden spoke exclusively with reporter Casey Watson on why he believes he should be on the 2020 election ballot.

Below is a summary of the conversation between Biden and Watson:

Watson: This is a predominately red state, what is your plan to get more voters, like the ones that you just spoke with to turn blue here?

Joe Biden: Well, just tell them the truth. The fact of the matter is that everybody now knows that the policies under this president divide the nation, they don’t unite it. There’s an encouraging of white supremacists around the country, here as well. You know we have to focus on, we have to rebuild the middle class and bring everybody along this time. That means focus on education, healthcare, the kind of things that matter to people.

Watson: You mentioned healthcare at Thursday night’s debate whenever you were speaking about the Affordable Healthcare Act, Secretary Castro kind of called your mental health care into question, so have many articles recently. What’s that message to those who are questioning your ability to lead this nation?

Biden: I don’t know of anybody who’s questioning my ability to lead this nation. I know that there’s a couple of people that tried to make that an issue but he’s the one who got the facts wrong. He didn’t even get the facts right when he was trying to do it. It’s, you know, there’s always going to be when you’re in front, that’s going to happen and I just say “Watch me."

Watson: Looking behind you, I see “Biden works for South Carolina." How do you plan to make it work here? What do you want to do for the South Carolinians who are looking for a better outcome here?”

Biden: Well, by doing what we are saying we are going to do everywhere. By making sure that we focus on early education. For example, all of the data shows, there’s no debate now that a child of three, four, five years old goes to an early education school, they increase experimentally the chance of them succeeding, no matter what their background.

Watson: "Two bills just passed in the House, moving on to the Senate, strong opposition from the Republican party, where do you stand on offshore drilling?

Biden: “Joe Cunningham, your new congressman has led the effort in the house to get that done. I strongly support no more fossil fuel drilling on public lands and particularly offshore. Period. no more, period. No more contracts.”

This was only 2 minutes of a ten-minute interview that Watson had with Biden on Monday, you can hear that full interview below:

RAW: WMBF News one-on-one interview with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden

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