NWS confirms more than a dozen tornadoes touched down in the Cape Fear

NWS confirms more than a dozen tornadoes touched down in the Cape Fear
A tree was uprooted at a home off Futch Creek Road in New Hanover County on Thursday. (Source: Rich & Kahlim Millet)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - The National Weather Service confirms 14 tornadoes touched down throughout the Cape Fear Region while Hurricane Dorian was lashing the Cape Fear region Thursday morning.

Myrtle Grove

According to a report from the NWS survey team, an EF0 tornado touched down on SE Harbor Drive in Myrtle Grove around 5:58 a.m. and caused some tree damage before moving west-northwest. It crossed Myrtle Grove Road, damaging more trees and blowing some shingles off a shed before lifting on the north side of Grove Point Road.

The tornado was 30 yards wide and was on the ground for a half a mile. No injuries were reported.

Scotts Hill

The NWS said an EF0 tornado formed near Scotts Hill Animal Hospital around 6:56 a.m. and moved west-northwest across U.S. 17. Winds from the tornado reached 75 mph and caused structural damage to Scotts Hill Market and minor damage to homes along the west side of Pandy Ann Lane.

Several trees were uprooted before the 30-yard-wide twister lifted up near a wooded area at the end of street. The NWS said the tornado was on the ground for approximately six minutes and traveled 0.6 miles.

No injuries were reported.

Porters Neck

Around 11:48 a.m., a waterspout moved ashore over the northern end of Figure Eight Island, damaging two beachfront homes and trees.

The 100-yard-wide tornado tracked across a marsh toward the Intracoastal Waterway where it uprooted and damaged numerous trees and caused minor home damage on Bald Eagle Lane. One person was injured.

The tornado then moved northwest toward Fazio Drive, where the NWS said it created its widest damage by snapping large trees and causing roof damage near the Porters Neck Golf Course.

After a 1.6-mile trek, it eventually lifted up after crossing over to Futch Creek Road and Plantation Landing Drive, and damaging some more trees.

The twister touched down for approximately 4 minutes and had a maximum wind speed of 100 mph.


NWS storm surveyors say they found damage consistent with a tornado in Long Creek Loop Road. Officials believe the damage was caused by an EF0 tornado with winds estimated at 80 mph.


Storm surveyors confirm a tornado severely damaged a mobile home roof and knocked down several trees. Experts believe winds reached as high as 85 mph.

Carolina Shores

According to the NWS, a dozen homes were damaged and hundreds of trees were snapped when an EF2 tornado ripped through Carolina Shores. The storm’s path was four miles long and winds reached approximately 120 mph.


A weak EF0 tornado caused minor damage from a track from Wrightsville Avenue to the Burnt Mill Creek Area. The NWS says it damaged trees as it lifted just north of the Wilmington National Cemetery.


The NWS has confirmed an EF0 with 65 mph winds sporadically damaged trees along Natmore Road.

Livingston Creek

An EF0 tornado with wind speeds up to 85 mph touched down. The tornado’s path was 50 yards wide and 2.1 miles long. It formed just Northeast of Bordeaux Road and Delco Prosper Road where several large branches were broken. Next, it traveled to Livingston Chapel Road and damaged a roof on a double wide manufactured home, flipped a trailer and snapped trees until it reached Connor Road.

St. Helena

An EF0 tornado began off Shaw Highway near Burgaw and ended seven miles later when it lifted near Pender Memorial Park. The most substantial damage was off HWY 117, where winds damaged a roof and snapped trees. Max wind speeds reached 75 mph and the tornado’s path was 30 yards wide.


Experts say a tornado began Northeast of Burgaw. It carved a path 20 yards wide and 4.4 miles long, snapping trees along Highway 53 until it reached Croomsbridge Road in the Shelter Neck Area.


The NWS has confirmed an EF0 with winds of up to 85 mph snapped about a dozen pine trees at the end of Middle River Road NE.

Sunny Point

An EF0 reportedly touched down in Sunny Point in Brunswick County with winds reaching 80 mph. The tornado traveled .11 miles from the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point Complex and snapped a dozen trees, some of which were a foot in diameter.

Columbus County

An EFO with winds estimated up to 65 mph touched down South of Bolton.

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