Pawleys Island begins clean up after damages from Hurricane Dorian

South Strand Damage Cleanup

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WMBF) - Hurricane Dorian’s wind, rain and storm surge caused damaged to the South Strand, including Pawleys Island.

The town saw two feet of sand creep onto the island and floodwaters along Springs Avenue.

“It’s logically difficult to move that much amount of sand,” Pawleys Island Police Chief Michael Fanning said. “And where are we gonna put it? We’re in the process of spending a lot of money to put sand on the beach for beach renourishment so we can keep as much on the island as we can, we’ll probably stock pile it on the south end of the island.”

Dorian destroyed some of the private docks on Pawleys Island, down trees and blocked roadways with debris.

Crews with the National Guard and South Carolina Department of Transportation came out Friday to clear one part of the area so emergency vehicles could come through.

While the mandatory evacuation was lifted, Fanning said they’re only allowing homeowners to go into the area.

One of those homeowners said this kind of damage doesn’t come as a shock anymore.

“Not too surprised to see it as it is today, just because we’ve had so many storms recently. Matthew, Florence... this is basically exactly what it looked like," Pawleys Island resident Jeff Crowe said

Fanning said they plan to put the sand on the south end at a parking lot that isn’t used right now and plan to use it for beach renourishment beginning next month.

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