Student Spotlight: High school student hopes to inspire others through artwork

Student Spotlight: Katelynn Basile

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - A love for art and a hope to inspire others through her artwork is how one high school senior describes herself.

High school senior Katelynn Basile was nominated by her teacher as a Student Spotlight and her award-winning art piece doesn’t disappoint.

“We all draw when we are in elementary school and preschool but after everyone else stopped drawing, I kept drawing," Basile explained.

Over the years, Basile’s work has evolved into award-winning pieces.

“She’s the first oil portrait that I’ve ever done," said Basile as she admired her large oil painting portrait that won her first place at the Burroughs and Chapin/Myrtle Beach Art Museum show in the spring. The piece is called “The ground in which we stand.”

Basile is a senior and art major at the Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology in Myrtle Beach.

“I started as a freshman and had Miss Franklin. I fell in love with the art program and both my teachers and she convinced me to join the art major and I’m really glad for that," Basile said.

She explained the inspiration behind one of her summer works and said, “It has quite a bit of meaning, it’s something a lot of high school students struggle with, kind of confusion about what you want to do as a career and college wise. It’s ASL sign for dizzy, the reason there is four shows the hand in the circle, I chose the grimy green, blue color to give the feeling of discomfort because that’s the feeling for me.”

(Source: Katelynn Basile)

When asked how she described who to paint she replied, “I look through a bunch of pictures and whoever’s face I find interesting. It’s just a feeling. Like this, I had the experience of painting freckles this time and practiced with lighter skin tones.”

(Source: Katelynn Basile)

Basile said she finds joy in the challenge of using human-like qualities to inspire her, such as the prisma colored pencils art piece she did using an eye study to help make the eyes in her painting more lifelike, she explained.

And most of all, Basile hopes her artwork will inspire others.

“I hope they realize that we are all people and it doesn’t matter the amount of pink tones in our skin or how dark your skin is, we are all amazing and equally talented in different ways and we can all accomplish anything," she said.

Basile plans to attend the University of South Carolina to pursue social work using art as a medium for troubled youth and she said art will always play a prominent role in her life.

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