Local hospitals make final preparations ahead of Hurricane Dorian

Local hospitals make final preparations ahead of Hurricane Dorian

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - Area hospitals are making final preparations ahead of Hurricane Dorian and its potential impacts.

While many board up their homes and head out, hospital staff prepare to weather the storm.

“For us that means medical equipment, medical supplies, food, water, back-up generators, fuel for those generators. So all of those things are in place now,” said Mark Sims, CEO of Grand Strand Health.

Grand Strand Medical Center is home to the only level one trauma center in the county, which means the most critical patients come here.

“We know that when there is an evacuation ordered, there are people that do not leave, they stay at home. So we need to be open just like there is the emergency management personnel that are around, the fire people that are around, the police,” said Sims.

For Grand Strand Medical Center and Tidelands Health, patients are the top priority and keeping their doors open could make the difference between life or death.

“Even during Hurricane Florence last year, during the height of the storm, we had folks who were walking up to the hospital with conditions that, had we not been here, they would have died,” said Amy Stevens, Vice President of Marketing for Tidelands Health.

While the storm threatens the coastline, hospitals are doing what they can to make sure they stay up and running. That means stocking up on supplies, medications, food and water, while making sure the proper staffing is in place. Disasters like this are something these hospitals prepare for year-round. Now those emergency plans are in motion.

“The logistics is really an important part of this, and sometimes it’s an unseen part but even our laundry service, our materials management team delivering extra medications. Just making sure that we have all of those things at our hospitals before the weather conditions start to deteriorate,” said Stevens.

Prepared for whatever Dorian might bring, to continue taking care of those that need it most.

Administrators at Grand Strand Medical Center and Tidelands Health said they filed a request with the Department of Health to shelter in place, ahead of any further evacuations.

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