Police arrest, charge two in connection to deadly shooting near CCU’s campus

Police arrest, charge two in connection to deadly shooting near CCU’s campus

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) – Conway police have arrested and charged two men who they said were involved in a deadly shooting near Coastal Carolina University’s campus.

A police report states that officers were dispatched around 2 a.m. Saturday to a call about a fight. They responded to the Circle K on Highway 544, where they found a victim with a gunshot wound. The victim, identified as Jamarr White, was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries.

During the investigation, officers discovered the actual incident took place at American Tavern and that a second person was shot and was taken to Conway Medical Center. They also found out that a third victim had been shot at by the suspects but was not hit by a bullet.

Police arrested and charged Dorain Derrel Williams and Ty-Ree Lenardo Graham with murder, two counts of attempted murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Both are being held at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center.

WMBF News spoke with one Coastal Carolina student who was at the bar beside where the shooting happened.

“I was in The Coop and I was outside and I heard there was a fight at Tav and we were going to go check it out and then all of a sudden I just heard a car skirt away and about just about 7 gun shots go off and just everybody dropped to the floor and they just wouldn’t let us leave until it was completely safe,” said a CCU student who did not want to be identified.

An owner of The Coop tells WMBF News they locked down all doors within 20 seconds of hearing the first gun shot.

Jennifer Branzell woke up early Saturday morning hearing the worst kind of news, that a shooting had taken place close to where her daughter goes to college. She said her daughter was at the bar next to where the shooting happened.

“My daughter is a junior, if she was a freshman I would be pulling her out of that college right now," said Branzell.

She said her biggest concerns is not only for her daughter but for the freshmen.

“It breaks my heart for them to have to start school and to have to endure such an incident," she said. "I want all freshmen to know that the area might not be the safest, they need to be more vigilant, they need to be in groups, they need to be more careful with what they do.”

We spoke to a couple of freshmen who said the only reason they knew about the shooting was because CCU provided text alerts.

Freshman Justin Covelli said he was updated by his roommate alerts and now he’s planning to get the alerts.

“I was actually gonna sign up today to do that,” said Covelli.

Another freshman, Josh Stanley, said as sad as it is, he’s not surprised to hear about a shooting happening so close to home.

“Where I lived there was a shooting that happened very recently so this is kind of like I guess something we consider normal, but it shouldn’t be considered normal but I guess this is just something you have to think about what could happen and what can’t happen so close to home,” said Josh Stanley.

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