Tensions run high as residents hear about possible Wizard Golf Course development

Wizard Golf Course Development

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – It was standing room only as developers spoke to neighbors about the possible development of the Wizard Golf Course in the Carolina Forest area.

Horry County Director of Planning and Zoning David Schwerd said the developer approached the county about holding this meeting last week. It was originally supposed to be a private meeting between area homeowners’ associations, but word of the meeting quickly spread and it was changed to a public meeting.

Developers explained there would be around 700 built on the 168-acre golf course and they would be single-family homes on 6,000-square foot lots.

Tensions over the proposal ran high. Within the first 15 minutes of the meeting, ordered had be regained before it continued.

“I have my own concerns about this project and so does staff. County council has concerns about this. Your county councilmen say they have concerns about this and so they’re here to listen to this issue right now and we want to hear what your concerns are, but they can’t hear it if you’re all yelling at the top of your lungs,” Schwerd told the crowd.

Neighbors raised several concerns such as traffic and stormwater drainage.

The developer explained to residents that they will be abiding by strict stormwater guidelines to make sure it can keep up with the added homes.

“Obviously, Horry County has adopted some very stringent ones in reaction to the storm events that we’ve had. All of those requirements, which are basically whatever is running off of this property today, has to be reduced by 20% through our system. So, we are going to do enlargements of ponds. We’re going to add ponds. We’re going to put in control structures,” the developer told residents.

The meeting on Wednesday was a way for the developer to hear how homeowners feel about the potential project. The rezoning for the possible development has not yet been proposed to the Horry County Planning and Zoning Commission.

In year’s past, previous requests to rezone the Wizard Golf Course for development have failed.

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