Myrtle Beach Walmarts use ‘Lot Cops’ to help deter violent crime

Myrtle Beach Walmarts use ‘Lot Cops’ to help deter violent crime
Lot Cops are being used at two Walmart locations in Myrtle Beach (Source: WMBF News)

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – Some people have noticed some new technology being used in parking lots at two Walmarts in Myrtle Beach.

The 18-foot tall towers are called “Lot Cops.” They’re being used to deter crime in Walmart parking lots nationwide, specifically violent crime.

Currently, there are Lot Cops being used at the Walmart on Seaboard Street and the Neighborhood Walmart on South Kings Highway.

The Lot Cop has a wide-range of technologies, including interacting with people out in the parking lot from inside the store, it has cameras and speakers and can even put out weather alerts.

Walmart said it does reviews of each store to determine which locations need them the most.

The company said that in the last year, it has seen a significant drop of violent crime outside stores where Lot Cops are present.

WMBF News has reached out to Myrtle Beach police to see if there have been drops in crimes at the Myrtle Beach Walmarts since the Lots Cops were installed in July. We’re waiting to hear back.

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