‘The kid could light up a room’: Family remembers motocross rider killed crossing street

Family of Murrells Inlet motorcrosser speaks out about his death

MURRELLS INLET, S.C. (WMBF) – It wasn’t the homecoming the family of 20-year-old Jonathan Mayzak wanted.

They returned home Tuesday night after Mayzak, a professional motocross rider from Murrells Inlet, was killed while crossing the street by a suspected impaired driver near a motocross competition in New York this weekend.

As a professional motocross rider, Mayzak was always living on the edge, but the fact that his life was taken by someone who police said should have never been behind the wheel of a car, has left the family shaken.

Together they remain strong and focused on keeping Mayzak‘s legacy alive.

“The kid could light up a room. I’ve never met a more genuine caring person in my life,” said Matthew Mayzak, Jonathan‘s younger brother.

“When somebody passes away, everyone tries to find something good to say. You didn’t have to try with Jonathan,” said Keri Mayzak Leachman, Jonathan‘s mother.

A son, brother, fiancé, best friend, mentor and professional motocross rider - these are just a few of the titles family and friends will always use when describing Mayzak.

“He was just one of those kids with that type a personality that could take any situation and get everybody in the right frame of mind,” said Brian Leachman, Jonathan‘s father.

The family put up a memorial to honor Jonathan where the accident took place. His family is now advocating for safer road laws near motocross race tracks.

“If you have to cross the road there should be a light there, a flashing sign or a crossing guard,” said Jonathan’s brother, Matthew Mayzak.

Matthew said he believes his brother felt no pain and passed instantly on impact.

“Jonathan was the most selfless human being on the planet and because of this man’s stupid actions my brother, my best friend, my everything, I will never be able to see him again,” said Jonathan’s sister, Alexis Mayzak.

Throughout this difficult time the family continues to remember a young man with so much greatness and humility, that still had so much more to offer to the world.

“He changed my entire life and made me a better person,” Jonathan’s Fiancée Kenzie Hebbelman said.

And so many more will echo those words, as the family refuses to ever let the light Mayzak shined upon this world to ever go out.

“The things he’s left with us to carry on, which I think are priceless, I’m just going to miss the kid,” said Brian Leachman.

The family is still working on funeral arrangements at this time, but said Jonathan was an organ donor and able to help save dozens of lives because of that.

The family also hopes to also open a race track in his honor in the Grand Strand one day.

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