Horry County Council approves three-year contract for new county administrator

Horry County Council approves three-year contract for new county administrator

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – Horry County Council approved a three-year contract for the new county administrator during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The contract shows that Horry County Administrator Steve Gosnell will receive $205,000 a year and a vehicle allowance.

“If you look around, that’s along the lines of other administrators," said Horry County Councilman Johnny Gardner.

While negotiating the terms of the contract, some changes were made based on the former administrator Chris Eldredge’s contract.

“I didn’t want that contract because it wasn’t fair to the people of Horry County. It wasn’t fair to the employees and the citizens because it had too many things and it was one-sided. We wanted a fair contract that was fair to the administrator and fair to the county,” explained Gardner.

Councilman Tyler Servant was the only one to vote against the administrator’s contract.

Gardner said this is a standard employment contract and that there is no “Evergreen Clause” included like there was with Eldridge.

“It’s not like the last contract with the previous administrator’s contract that had what I was calling an Evergreen Clause, a clause that required a six months notice and all of these other things. This is a traditional employment contract,” Gardner said.

Horry County council members voted in April to cut ties with Eldridge after he asked the State Law Enforcement Division to investigate possible extortion involving Johnny Gardner, who was then newly sworn-in as the Horry County Council chairman. An investigation found there was no wrongdoing.

But because of the contract he signed with the county, Eldridge is still being paid by the county on a bi-weekly basis at his current salary, which was $211,000. He also receives a car allowance, accrual of vacation time and paid holidays provided to county employees and county benefits.

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