Inmate claims understaffing to blame for riot at Pee Dee prison which left him stabbed, lawsuit states

Inmate claims understaffing to blame for riot at Pee Dee prison which left him stabbed, lawsuit states
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MARLBORO COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – An inmate at a Pee Dee prison claims a lack of correctional officers and unlocked cell doors ultimately led to a riot which left him with multiple stab wounds.

According to a lawsuit filed Tuesday, Akeem Rashad Myers is asking for an unspecified amount of damages from the South Carolina Department of Corrections.

On Nov. 21, 2017, Myers said he was in a room with several other inmates at the Evans Correctional Institution in Bennettsville when he heard a commotion outside on the recreational floor.

When he opened the door, Myers saw a riot, where inmates were running around fighting and stabbing each other, according to the lawsuit. It went on for at least five minutes.

As soon as he opened the door, Myers claims he was stabbed several times in the neck, arm, chest, back and legs, court documents state.

“Plaintiff mustered up enough energy to make it to the main door to signal a guard to help,” the lawsuit states. “The guards witnessed the riot and the Plaintiff’s stabbing and made no immediate attempts to intervene.”

Myers’ lungs eventually collapsed and he had to undergo emergency surgery, according to the suit. He alleges that at the time he was stabbed, there were no correctional officers covering the Santee unit at Evans Correctional. He also believes that all interior doors, including the cell doors and those leading in and out of each wing, were unlocked and open.

“This allowed inmates to improperly move from one wing to the next unsupervised,” court documents state.

Myers states in the lawsuit that he suffered severe injuries and “continues to suffer from the pain, paranoia, and nightmares as a result.”

According to information from the Charleston County Court Public Index, Myers was sentenced to 12 in prison years after pleading guilty in 2013 to three robbery charges and one burglary charge.

He did not turn up during a search of DOC’s online records.

Chrysti Shain, director of communications for the DOC, said they do not comment on pending litigation.

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