One Grand Stand community could be ‘closing’ for Halloween this year

One Grand Stand community could be ‘closing’ for Halloween this year

AYNOR, S.C. (WMBF) - After a child was nearly hit while trick-or-treating in Greenfield Estates in Aynor, some community members are trying to figure out how to avoid more close calls in the future.

“The traffic was a nightmare,” said Bridgette Haney, a resident of the community for nearly two years. “It’s not about stopping the kids. We all look forward to the kids, we really do.”

Haney and others proposed that the 117 home neighborhood close its streets to all motorized vehicles on the afternoon of October 31 to allow children to roam freely.

It’s a proposal not all are on board with.

“I would be against," said Shayna Alston. "A lot of people live around here because they’re not fortunate enough to get candy in their neighborhood so they come here.”

Alston said she saw the child nearly get hit during the celebrations last year, but believes the neighborhood is safe as is.

“We just don’t want any child to get hurt," said Ann Sutphin, a four year resident of the Estates who supports the proposal. “There’s too much traffic in here for the number of houses in here.”

Sutphin estimates she handed out candy to close to 300 trick-or-treaters in 2018, which is almost double the number of homes in the subdivision.

A final decision on the proposal is expected to come at the next homeowners’ association safety meeting on October 17.

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