Investigation underway after 17 geese shot, killed in new housing development

Investigation underway into who shot, killed geese in Socastee area

SOCASTEE, S.C. (WMBF) - The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is investigating the death of multiple geese in a new development along Highway 544.

Neighbors nearby told WMBF News the area is normally packed with geese but Monday we didn’t spot a single one.

People said it’s because a number of geese were shot and killed last week.

Local wildlife rescuer, Kimberly Cerimele, said SCDNR called her to the development last Thursday because they received a call about vultures in the area, and that’s when she found 17 geese shot and killed.

One of the geese was in the water and looked to still be alive so Cerimele attempted to save it.

“I did rescue it," Cerimele said. "We ended up taking it to a vet to have X-rays done, it was shot so we decided to euthanize.”

She said it was hard to tell if any were alive as she walked around the area.

“Some of them looked like they had many been shot the day before," she said. "Some of them I questioned if they were even alive or not.”

Cerimele said people may get frustrated with geese, but what they don’t realize is shooting them isn’t going to get rid of them.

“Killing them is the worst way to try to handle the situation because another flock will just come in and the same thing will keep happening,” she said.

A neighbor who lives nearby said they believe the geese are a nuisance but shooting them isn’t the answer and it’s cruel.

And while some may feel this is cruel, it’s also a federal offense under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Cerimele said some may apply for a permit to have someone come and get rid of geese in their area but that didn’t apply for this situation.

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