Restaurant Scorecard: Food with past due dates, dirt and debris found near equipment

Published: Aug. 2, 2019 at 5:26 PM EDT
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Food held past the discard date and residential bug spray inside the restaurant were just a couple of violations inspectors said they found Horry County restaurants.

We begin this week’s Restaurant Scorecard with Pizza Joe’s at 1600 Farrow Parkway in Myrtle Beach.

Inspectors found no employee health policy available at the time of the inspection .

The hand sink in the prep area was blocked by a stainless table.

Inspectors found meatballs in the steam cabinet that were there for more than an hour. The person in charge said they were placed in the microwave to defrost and then placed for hot holding. Department of Health and Environmental Control officials walked them through the correct way to reheat foods..

Cut leafy greens and cut romaine lettuce were observed without prepped or discard dates, according to inspectors. They also found marinara sauce in the walk in cooler with a discard date of July 22nd.

Inspectors discovered residential bug spray in the restaurant.

A two-door reach in cooler and pizza make top were found without thermometers, DHEC documents stated. They also found that none of the squeeze bottles for the sauces and condiments had labels with a common food name.

Single service items weren’t stored inverted, documents showed.

Inspectors gave Pizza Joe’s an 80 out of 100.

Our next restaurant is Dairy King at 203 Main Street in North Myrtle Beach.

Inspectors said the hand sink was missing signs for hand washing.

The facility was cited for improper cold holding temperatures.

Inspectors found accumulation of ice cream spills on the interior bottom of the ice cream freezers.

They also said the restroom door wan’t self closing.

Inspectors found dirt and debris underneath equipment, as well as improper lighting at the mop sink and at the hand sink in the restroom.

One perfect score this week. Royal Ramen at 7819 North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach serves up a flawless 100.

Delish Bistro is coming to the building that used to house Ruby Tuesday on Highway 544 in front of the Lowe’s Food. No word on when Delish will be dishing up meals.

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