Longs resident asks for temporary injunction on new construction in Horry County

Longs resident asks for temporary injunction on new construction in Horry County
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HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) – A Longs man wants to put a halt on any new construction in Horry County.

Timothy Irving filed a motion on Thursday asking for a temporary injunction. Members of the Horry County Council and Horry County Planning Commission are listed as defendants in the case.

It asks for the Horry County Planning Board to “cease activities that would permit and allow the new construction and/or development of any and all structures for common living space, multiunit living, and commercial parcels.”

The request for a temporary injunction stems from a petition that circulated earlier this year. It states that residents of Longs, Socastee, Bucksport and Myrtle Beach have suffered a loss of property, due to floodwaters, lack of sufficient water shed and sewage infrastructure and poor planning and zoning on behalf of Horry County Planning Commission.

The motion states that the Horry County Council hurt the citizens in several ways including failing to use relief funds that would have helped alleviate current flooding problems. It states that leaders didn’t use the funds ask the Army Corps of Engineers to do an evaluation on problem areas, perform possible dredging of waterways or look into constructing a levy-type of system.

“The gross neglect of fiduciary duties on behalf of the Horry County Council and Planning Commission concerning the planning process has resulted in many county residents suffering a loss of real property, further placing human life and real property at risk in the future,” the court documents state.

The court filing also accuses county leaders of using relief fund money to replenish tourist areas instead of helping citizens rebuild their homes.

A motion hearing is requested to determine if a temporary injunction will be issued.

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