Horry County police train for active shooter situations at elementary school

HCPD active shooter training

LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - The Horry County Police Department held an active shooter training exercise Tuesday morning in Little River.

Shots pierced the air at Waterway Elementary School. Police officers moved in with weapons drawn, looking to subdue the shooter and eliminate the threat.

“When one of these situations takes place, they’re going to be the first ones there. They’re going to be the first ones in. And they may end up going in by themselves,” said training supervisor, Cpl. Kevin Cast.

Officers prepared for the worst-case scenario involving an active shooter inside a school. Training focused on single-man tactics, room clearing and hallway movements.

“We train twice a year and we try to use different schools throughout the county to get a different layout, to get a different look at the structures. We’ve incorporated some of the newer buildings with the glass and some of the older buildings,” said Cast.

With 238 mass shooting this year alone, according to the Gun Violence Archive, police are using real life tragedies as a reason to prepare.

“The goal is to stop it from happening and reduce the amount of lives lost because with the uptick in these situations we need to be one step ahead," said Cast.

Horry County police have been staging active shooter training in schools for more than 10 years. Officials said it’s crucial to stay current with their tactics in situations where children’s lives are at stake.

“It’s very important to keep it fresh in these officers minds that there are bad people out there that want to do bad things and they want to affect us as a nation," said Cast.

Over the course of the week, more than 200 officers with the HCPD will participate in this active shooter training.

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