Crews demolish remainder of collapsed building in downtown Conway

Crews demolish remainder of collapsed building in downtown Conway

CONWAY, S.C. (WMBF) - What was still in tact after a building collapsed in downtown Conway, has now been demolished over safety concerns.

WMBF News obtained the permit for the demolition and removal of the building, which was issued Thursday by the city of Conway. That’s when the building’s owner, Tom Anderson, said the city told him it needed to be demolished.

Bricks, dirt and debris are now all that’s left after the building came crashing down.

“The future will find itself, we’re just trying to take it all in," said Anderson.

The little that was still standing after the collapse was torn down Saturday. Anderson said he’d hoped to salvage part of the building but was told it would all have to go.

“The building inspector was here most of the day and I was hoping to save the back part of the building because it didn’t collapse but he was very concerned and he asked me to make sure it all went down,” said Anderson.

An engineer said failing trusses caused the collapse. Although the building sat empty for years, business owners just doors down said it’s sad to see a part of historic downtown taken away in pieces.

“Of course we want to keep as much of our heritage in tact and a lot of our architecture, but some things happen you can’t account for,” said Derrick Jackson, who is part owner of Coppers Restaurant.

Demolition crews are now cleaning up the plot of land where the building once stood. Among the rubble, many of Anderson’s personal belongings he’ll never get back.

“I was not able to get all of my stuff out of there and it was a significant amount of stuff in the building that’s getting loaded into the dumpsters now and there was no insurance on that," said Anderson.

Anderson said his main concern is getting the neighboring office building that was affected, back up and running. As for the future of the property, Anderson said once everything is fully cleared it’ll remain a green space for the time being.

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