Emergency medical residents sharpen rescue skills with MBFD Ocean Rescue

Emergency medical residents sharpen rescue skills with MBFD Ocean Rescue

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -- Emergency medical residents with the Grand Strand Health spent Saturday morning with Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue training for a variety of situations with their water rescue team.

This is the second year both have partnered up for this program, giving these medical professionals a behind the scenes look of what goes on before drowning patients arrive at the ER.

“It’s been a good experience just to see what they go through before they get to us,” said Ari Shaeffer.

Shaeffer is in his third year of residency in Myrtle Beach, where he works closely with drowning patients and other emergency situations.

“We see drowning victims, jellyfish stings and that’s interesting things that not a lot of people get the training for and get to experience,” said Shaeffer.

Each medical professional got to work along side experienced water rescuers, by executing a variety of ocean rescue drills.

“Honestly, it’s good for us to see what they expect and what type of communication and what they need from us to help with the outcome of the patient prior to us getting to the hospital,” said Cpt. Vincent Bettinazzi.

ER Physician, Dr. Jarret Lark works closely with the residency program and believes this type of partnership with Fire Rescue only betters these doctors for real life emergency situations.

“Here in Myrtle Beach we have unique opportunities for the residents to get skilled with rescues in different environments, so obviously beach rescue is an important part of that,” said Dr. Jarret Lark.

With sweltering summer temperatures plenty of vacationers will be out in the water, fire rescue advises to always listen to life guards and be aware of your surroundings.

“Our stance is to always make sure you’re safe, if the lifeguard has some type of advice just follow it because it’s for your benefit,” said Bettinazzi.

As for medial residents like Ari, the partnership between Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue and Grand Strand Health has given him a new perspective when dealing with patients.

“You’re never going to understand your patient more and the importance of EMS if you don’t experience this stuff yourself,” said Shaeffer.

Residents with Grand Strand Health will spend Monday working along side Fire Fighters and EMS to learn about inland emergency rescues.

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