Grand Strand resident doctors learn to treat venomous snake bites

Grand Strand residency students learn to treat venomous snake bites

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - A group of first-year residency physicians with Grand Strand Health got to stretch their legs and learn in a unique way Friday.

The group got a hands-on lesson at Alligator Adventures in North Myrtle Beach, learning how to identify and treat patients with venomous snake bites.

“There’s seven different types of venomous snakes here,” said first-year resident Dallin Lindstrom. “Knowing which ones you can get away with taking a closer look at is important.”

The group will continue training around the Grand Strand this weekend, including a training exercise with the Myrtle Beach Fire Department on water rescues.

“I went to medical school in NYC, trained in Philly and we didn’t have anything like this at all,” said Dr. Gerald O’Malley, director of the Grand Strand Health Division of Toxicology. “Here at Alligator Adventure, they have such a wide collection of not just common anti-venoms but exotic anti-venoms as well," O’Malley said.

The group stressed how important these anti-venoms are to saving lives.

“Patients will come in and they’re not able to get the anti-venoms in a timely manner and they’ll have to get incubated and basically be on a ventilator.,” said Leeda Roshan, another first-year resident with Grand Strand Health. “They’re at higher risk for mortality and morbidity if they don’t get the treatment they need.”

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