SC sending support team to Louisiana to help prepare for Tropical Storm Barry

SC sending support team to Louisiana to help prepare for Tropical Storm Barry
(Source: WMBF)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WMBF) – South Carolina is sending a team to help Louisiana as the state prepares for Tropical Storm Barry.

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal has requested the deployment of an advance unit of the Palmetto Incident Support Team.

The team is made up of employees of South Carolina State Fire, which consists of the Office of the State Fire Marshal, the South Carolina Fire Academy and the South Carolina Emergency Response Task Force.

The Palmetto Incident Support Team specializes in the management and coordination of search and rescue. The team will assist Louisiana Incident Support Team with the statewide coordination of search and rescue in response to the potential for structural damage and significant flooding.

This isn’t the first time the two teams have worked together.

The Louisiana Incident Support Team was deployed to South Carolina during Hurricane Florence and the two teams coordinated search and rescue efforts for 21 days. Louisiana deployed boat teams and nearly 100 rescuers to South Carolina during Florence.

“The State of Louisiana provided much-needed assistance and support to our State, during Hurricane Florence, and it’s time for South Carolina to return the favor,” said State Fire Marshal Jones, who will serve as the Palmetto Incident Support Team Commander.

The team members will initially deploy for seven days, with the possibility of extending the mission for up to 15 days, by rotating personnel.

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