'It makes me irate’: Some neighbors upset over new development near Glenns Bay Road

Deerfield Glenns Bay Impact

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Some neighbors who live along Glenns Bay Road in Horry County are upset about the construction that is now underway in their area.

Developers with Beverly Homes said they came by Tuesday morning to survey the property off Glenns Bay Road, and by Wednesday they began removing trees.

The trees were left behind some residents’ properties, but developers said they’ll be cleaned up once the logging process is complete.

Clint Richardson, the land development manager for Beverly Homes, said he also went by some houses to let neighbors know they had to move their belongings off the property by Monday.

“It makes me irate. Because people have been here for 20 something years and they were set and all their stuff was in place and now they have to move it. I don’t think that’s fair,” said resident Michael Regan.

Some residents who live in the area are upset because they said they’ve taken care of the property for years and add that they’re concerned for the wildlife.

One family said they had a copperhead on their porch Wednesday night, which is something they said has never happened before.

“I called it yesterday saying there’s gonna be snakes coming out and then encountered one around 11 o’clock on my porch. I had to kill it," said Regan. "It was a two-foot copperhead.”

Another neighbor told WMBF News that he just wishes he were notified. He said he now has to move his shed with 15 years worth of stuff in it.

“My next door neighbor had her granddaughter with her, she was over at the pool at Glenns Bay Retreat, and they saw those trees coming down and didn’t know what was going on," said resident Thomas Muirhead. "It looked like those trees were gonna fall in the pool.”

WMBF News reached out to Horry County for the planning map for the development. Plans show around 13 lots will be immediately behind the homes on Glenns Bay Road and in total the development for this section will have 266 lots.

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