Surveillance video captures car break-in suspects in Horry County neighborhoods

Carolina Forest Car Break-ins

HORRY COUNTY, S.C. (WMBF) - Neighbors hope their surveillance cameras can help catch some thieves seen breaking into cars in their Horry County neighborhoods.

Residents looked over video that showed around 2 a.m. Sunday, people were trying to break into their cars, and in some cases the theives were successful.

Jason Johnson said he had his book bag stolen from his truck. He said he and his family always lock their doors, but this time was the first time they forgot.

“We were violated and that’s’ the only word I can describe of it being is a violation,” said Johnson.

On his laptop was all of his graphic designs he had in place for a new local brand that he and his wife were working to get started.

“Unfortunately I had a flash drive, that was with it that had other things on it, and those are gone. I have to start from scratch," said Johnson. "I have some screenshots back and forth from my wife that I can replicate but again it’s time and money that goes into that replication.”

Another neighbor, John Horstman said his surveillance cameras have caught suspicious behavior for the past few days. He said the thieves that have come by his home are bold.

“They don’t care if the lights come on and they don’t care if you have cameras. They are looking right up at them,” Horstman said.

Johnson said it might just seem like a quick buck for those stealing and breaking in but it’s much more for those impacted.

“Maybe these guys don’t realize when they are taking something that’s insignificant to them as a backpack. In this case, was someone’s livelihood,” said Johnson.

Neighbors in Summerlyn in Carolina Forest have also experienced similar behavior.

Tommy Church said his wallet was stolen in January from his truck and it was all caught on his surveillance camera.

“It’s scary. To know that we were in bed, I have two small children, and it’s scary to know that they could have easily gotten into the house if the vehicle was unlocked. They could have easily stolen things from me again that I’ve worked really hard for,” Church said.

Another Summerlyn resident, Lily Pohlman, said she feels safe in the neighborhood and advises that people should always remember to lock your car doors.

“These things can happen anywhere, not only in our community, just be aware, lock your car, put your wallet and stuff in your house,” Pohlman said.

If anyone has information on the recent car break-ins, you’re asked to contact the Horry County Police Department.

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