Carolina Forest residents concerned about plans for development on pair of golf courses

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HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A developer is eyeing two Carolina Forest golf courses as the site for hundreds of new homes.

The redevelopment plans for the Wizard and Man O’War courses weren’t filed with the county yet, but those who live near the area are already worried about the idea.

Dan Kniola’s backyard sits right off the Man O’ War golf course. It’s one of the main reasons he purchased his home more than three years ago.

“We bought on the golf course because of the serenity of the golf course and it’s a beautiful neighborhood and it’s quiet back here,” said Kniola.

The serenity and quiet are now threatened by plans for 600 new homes after a developer expressed interest in building on parts of the Man O’ War and Wizard golf courses.

“We would prefer you don’t do this and I’m sure every resident down this street would agree with me," Kniola.

And he’s not alone. Hundreds of others are speaking out against the potential development, urging county leaders to consider the impact on surrounding neighborhoods.

“People started emailing me. I probably had 250 plus emails from the Carolina Forest area,” said Horry County councilman Danny Hardee.

Hardee represents the Carolina Forest district. He said no project will move forward without hearing the developer’s proposal or the public’s opinion.

“I represent the people and it’s going to be dependent on what the final plan is going to be, and I don’t know. I don’t know what they can or can’t do there, or what they plan to do if they don’t get it rezoned,” said Hardee.

Hardee said it’s important the decision is one that’s best for everyone.

Still, the idea isn’t sitting well with people living nearby who said they’re worried about public safety and traffic, with a lack of roadways for emergency access and an already congested Carolina Forest Boulevard.

“It will add to traffic and we’d like the traffic to not increase over the next couple of years. I did not expect this to happen here but I guess it could happen on any course. I hope it doesn’t and I think I join my neighbors in saying the same thing,” said Kniola.

Hardee also stressed construction wouldn’t begin until the widening of Carolina Forest Boulevard is complete. He said if and when plans are brought forward to the planning commission, he will hold a meeting with Carolina Forest residents to discuss those plans, and listen to concerns.

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