‘It’s felt like years’: Conway couple returns home 10 months after Florence

Conway family returns home

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Recovery continues 10 months after floodwaters from Hurricane Florence submerged parts of Conway.

One couple is now finally back in their home, but they still consider themselves among the lucky ones.

Sissy and Doug Owen have lived in a RV since September of last year. Now, the two are able to sleep in their own home.

“Years. It’s felt like years. It’s felt like it would never come to an end,” said Sissy Owen.

What’s felt like an eternity for Sissy and Doug Owen has been nine months since the two were forced out of their home, after floodwaters from Hurricane Florence submerged their house.

“To see everything just floating around, your whole life is just gone when you just moved in,” said Sissy.

The couple moved into their house just five months before flooding from the storm devastated much of Conway. The two managed to salvage their furniture before a foot of floodwater invaded their home, but could not save the rest of what was under their roof.

“The whole crawl space had to be dug out, we filled that with sand. We replaced a lot of boards underneath the floor joist, and the house was pretty much built, rebuilt from four walls," said Doug.

Now nine months later it’s moving day, again.

“It’s like moving in all over again to a new house," said Doug.

The couple hit a big milestone on Monday, as their furniture was delivered from storage.

“Now I can sleep on my medical bed, I can sit on my couch, I can watch a regular TV show. Cook, I haven’t cooked dinner in ten months. I haven’t had a home-cooked meal," said Sissy.

Furniture back in their home is a long-awaited sign of normalcy. While the recovery is far from over, the two look at their story of loss, struggle and rebuilding as one of hope.

“Keep praying and God will find a way to help you like he did for us," said Sissy.

Sissy and Doug said they’re thankful for the community’s help throughout the recovery process, like the local church which donated gift cards to help them buy things like paint.

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