This is Carolina: Baby otter steals hearts after lucky rescue

Eddie the Otter makes a splash

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - For one little animal, life didn’t start off so easy.

No one knows how he was separated from his family, but thanks to some Good Samaritans in Conway, he was saved. Then, he became a social media sensation.

He’s nosy, slinky and very cute. Eddie the otter is four months old and is loving life at Brookgreen Gardens.

But life didn’t start out all cushy for Eddie. On May 7, he was found in the road by some neighbors in Conway.

“(I got a call for) Castlewood Drive off 544 for a potentially injured otter found in the roadway,” Horry County Police officer Eddie Martin told WMBF News. “Once I got there, residents had it contained in a milk crate."

Martin did what he knew to do, and took the otter to Ark Animal Hospital to get bandaged up. He then went to stay at Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet.

He’s now living in otter luxury with water, toys, towels, a lot of food and endless care from the zookeepers.

However, the zookeepers told WMBF News that Eddie, like most otters and unlike the stereotype, does not want to be helped... quite the opposite. And Martin agrees.

“He’s cute, but he had his little, ‘I’m injured I don’t’ want to be messed with side,’” Martin explained.

The zookeepers said with sharp teeth and claws, otters are not as friendly as people think.

But that doesn’t mean Eddie the otter isn’t cute to look at.

He’ll live at Brookgreen Gardens for the rest of his life.

Zookeepers said he’ll slowly be introduced to another otter pair already in an exhibit there, with hopes he’ll join them within the next few months.

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