VIDEO: Alligator spotted lounging on Arcadian Shores golf course

RAW: Alligator seen on Arcadian Shores golf course

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Wonder what his handicap is?

Viewer Patrice Spivey got video of an alligator lounging by a pond at Arcadian Shores Golf Club, near Lake Arrowhead Road.

According to Spivey, the gator was simply laying out on the course as many people stopped by to snap pictures of the content reptile.

Alligator sightings have been plentiful as of late across the Grand Strand. Just last Monday, residents of the Myrtle Beach Golf and Yacht Club awoke to a large alligator going for a leisurely stroll along the neighborhood streets.

A few weeks prior, a huge gator showed up on the back patio of a woman’s home in the yacht club.

Back in May, a 10-foot-4 alligator was seen roaming through a Murrells Inlet neighborhood.

Then there are the frequent sightings of alligators crossing at a crosswalk at Huntington Beach State Park.

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