Some criticize U.S. women’s soccer team for celebrating goals in 13-0 rout of Thailand

Some criticize U.S. women’s soccer team for celebrating goals in 13-0 rout of Thailand

REIMS, FRANCE (WMBF) – The U.S. team made history on Tuesday when they defeated Thailand 13-0 in the Women’s World Cup.

It was the biggest win in Women’s World Cup history, topping an 11-0 win by Germany over Argentina in 2007.

Despite the U.S. team’s record-setting performance, some were criticizing the players for their goal celebrations during the routing of an opponent.

“0.0 problem with the score line as this is THE tournament BUT celebrating goals (like #9) leaves a sour taste in my mouth like many of you. Curious to see if anyone apologizes for this postgame,” tweeted former U.S. soccer player and current ESPN analyst Taylor Twellman.

Former U.S. women’s soccer player took to Twitter to defend the team’s celebrations. In one tweet, she wrote, “For all that have issue with many goals: for some players this is there (sic) first World Cup goal, and they should be excited.”

Wambach’s tweet ended with, “Would you tell a men’s team to not score or celebrate?”

While most have been critical of the teams celebrations late in the game, coaches in Myrtle Beach and Conway said they had no real issues with the teams dominant performance.

“I see nothing wrong with it, they’re playing on the top level of the World Cup and some of them my never get that opportunity again,” said Robert Bass with Coast FA.

In the last 15 years, CCU Women’s Soccer Coach Paul Hogan has watched the women’s game grow immensely in the US, but other country’s are falling behind because a lack of funding from their countries.

“Jamaica had a fundraiser before they left to go to the World Cup, hat shouldn’t be happening so that win says hey we are worlds apart,” said Hogan.

As the U.S. prepares for the next game against Chile Hogan believe the once beloved US Women’s team might be viewed a little different moving forward in the World Cup.

“We were that team, the darlings of the world and now we might be despised across the world as the ugly Americans,” said Hogan.

The team will finish group play against Sweden next week.

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