Horry County considers changing law on where residents can fire guns

Horry County considers changing law on where you can fire guns

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County is looking into changing its laws regarding where you can shoot guns.

The Public Safety Committee held a lengthy discussion on the topic Tuesday.

The committee considered a change to their ordinance that would require shooters to be farther than 300 feet away from a building.

After some discussion though, the committee is looking to change that distance depending on where in the county it is.

The idea was proposed by Horry County councilman Dennis DiSabato. He believes it could be a good idea to designate zones, in which the distance for each would be different.

For example, the zones in more densely populated areas like Carolina Forest would remain at 300 feet, while more rural areas like Aynor and Loris would be 1,000 feet.

Several of DiSabato’s constituents from the Plantation Lakes neighborhood of Carolina Forest showed up to Tuesday’s public safety committee meeting to talk about issues they’ve had with stray gunfire.

They say people go to an area outside their neighborhood to shoot, but stray bullets have ended up hitting some of their homes.

This is a concern for them, especially since there are kids who like to play outside in the neighborhood.

Horry County attorney Arrigo Carotti will bring updated maps with the different distances proposed to the next Public Safety Committee meeting.

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