Student Spotlight: Twin brothers’ artistic endeavors shine

Published: May. 27, 2019 at 5:29 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Twins brothers both became artists at a young age and are now winning awards for their work.

Noah and Will Williams are seniors at the Academy for the Arts, Science and Technology. Recently, they captured accolades at Lake City’s ArtFields competition.

While the Williams brothers share a talent, their technique is different.

Will presented a 5 x 5 oil painting, titled “Transfixed on the Light,” at ArtFields, where he won third place in his division. He said it took him a month to paint Jasmine, a junior at his school who partially inspired the mixed media piece.

“I realized although our experiences were unique from our different backgrounds and cultures, our ideas were largely the same,” Will said. “So that’s when I decided this piece needed to be more about South Carolina and where we’re going as a state and an optimistic view of the future, not confined by our past mistakes such as the tragedy of slavery or things that have confined us.”

Noah showed off his artwork that won him the merit award at ArtFields. It was inspired by all the stain glass he grew up seeing in southern churches.

“I wanted to provide a more contemporary take on that idea, so I was able to cut wood and create the frames of my windows and pour different epoxies and pigments all within the window and create a texture very similar to stain glass,” he said. “So when you go into a gallery you were conflicted with these two juxtaposed images of religion in the south. Looking back to art history, a lot of times different iconography, they are all highlighted by this gold circle or halo around it.”

Storytelling is a vital part of the Williams’ artwork.

“To me, I’ve always wanted the message behind my artwork to come from a completely genuine perspective and I’ve always believed artwork should be the platform that you use for activism,” Will said.

“Whether I’m telling the stories of my friends or my own story or telling stories that can resonate with different audiences, I always think that’s been my big inspiration,” Noah said.

The Williams aren’t just spending time perfecting their craft. Both are very involved in extracurricular activities as well, serving in the Tree Huggers Club, the National Honor Society, Beta Club, and the National Art Society.

Both students credit the teachers at the Academy for the Arts Science and Technology who have pushed them to be great.

“That’s what makes this school amazing. You have all these opportunities at your fingertips that you just truly have to harness and take advantage of all the opportunities that are given to you,” Will said.

The Williams brothers are both planning to attend the College of Charleston in the fall.

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