Suspect Search: Storage facility burglary suspect and a man accused of not paying his cab fare

May 23 Suspect Search

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It’s a place you store your belongings to keep them safe, but police said it was also the site for a burglary.

Plus, hail a cab, take the ride, then take off without paying will get you into trouble.

Joseph Dennis Register (Horry County Police Dept.)
Joseph Dennis Register (Horry County Police Dept.)

Horry County Police are trying to track down Joseph Dennis Register.

Authorities said in January 2018 they responded to a burglary in progress at “All Kinds Of Storage” in Longs.

They found a storage unit with a bent door and a box in the driveway.

Police said they found Register wearing gloves and a ski mask crouching among trees and branches.

Investigators said he admitted to the burglary and to moving cameras on the property. Later that day, the business owner gave police items found at the scene including a black ski mask, two leather gloves, a magazine with bullets, a pry bar, a camouflage mask and a jack handle.

Register is charged with failure to appear for burglary in the second degree and grand larceny over $2,000.

He’s 41 years old with a last known address of Church Road in Green Sea.

Robert Curtis Hamlin (Horry County Police Dept.)
Robert Curtis Hamlin (Horry County Police Dept.)

Horry County Police are also looking for Robert Curtis Hamlin.

Authorities said in early May, Hamlin exited a cab without paying the $69 fare. The cab driver followed Hamlin in Cape Landing where residents directed him to Hamlin’s apartment but no one answered the door.

Last month there was a similar incident as police said they responded to The Cape Landing Apartments in reference to a breach of trust.

The victim, a cab driver, said he picked Hamlin up in Conway and was asked to take him to Cape Landing Circle.

The cab driver said Hamlin first asked to go to a pawn shop in Conway. He had two large saws with him he wanted to sell. The driver said Hamlin was turned away at the store and asked to go to another pawn shop where he assumes the saws were sold.

Hamlin was then taken to The Cape Landing Apartments. He told the cab driver he left his wallet in his home and would pay him when they arrived. His fare totaled $130. Hamlin never returned.

He's charged with three counts of vehicle for hire with fraudulent intent.

Hamlin is 23 years old with a last known address of Cape Landing Circle in Myrtle Beach.

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