SCHP investigating 12 motorcycle crashes as Rally Week continues

Updated: May. 19, 2019 at 8:14 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -- Just this week the South Carolina State Highway Patrol has reported two deaths involving motorcycles in Horry County.

Biker Kelli Johnston witnessed the aftermath of one of those wrecks after she said a motorcyclist attempted to run through a red light.

“People were doing it constantly, that’s just not smart,” said Johnston.

Johnston was out riding with her fiancé and friends Wednesday night just before midnight when a Jeep hit the biker attempting to clear the intersection.

“I personally have never come across to scene like that, it was very somber and very sad as we prayed over him,” said Johnston.

Kelli said the biker was still alive, but is unaware of his current condition.

Just this week Highway Patrol has reported 12 motorcycle related crashes in Horry County.

“People don’t care about you, they just don’t care,” said Craig Anderson.

Anderson has been riding bikes for over 35 years and tries to control his surroundings while riding through heavy traffic.

“I just stay out of the way, slow down at intersections, be more alert of what they’re going to do,” said Anderson.

As a former rider Bill Sawyer always gives bikers as much space as he would a car.

“Oh baby I give them the road, if they’re acting stupid that’s one thing but if they’re just riding they can have it,” said Bill Sawyer.

Compared to an SUV the bikes are barely half of there size.

Drivers like Sawyer try to utilize his side and rearview mirrors before switch lanes or even just backing up.

“Most of the drivers that are involved in accidents they’re just not aware of them,” said Sawyer.

South Carolina highway patrol has reported five total fatalities during this biker rally, two were bikers.

“The little hit you’re going over and you’re done, it’s not like you’re hitting another car,” said Anderson.

Riders like Kelli believe it’s not all on the drivers to be responsible on the road, bikers also need to be aware of their surroundings especially at night.

“I’m looking around, watching the mirrors and turning around looking behind us,” said Johnston.

“Just give us some space, treat us with respect and enjoy us,” said Anderson.

Last year there were a total of 26 motorcycle accidents and only one biker death.

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