Troopers ask drivers to be alert during ‘100 Deadly Days of Summer’

Troopers ask drivers to be alert during ‘100 deadly days of summer’

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – During the past week, people along the Grand Strand have seen a major increase in traffic congestion, and it’s not about to let up any time soon.

In fact, drivers need to be more alert than ever as they head into the dangerous driving season.

South Carolina Highway Patrol Cpl. Sonny Collins said the area is about to kick-off what law enforcement calls the “100 Deadly Days of Summer.” It’s the period of time between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays when traffic deaths typically increase.

“What you have to look at here, especially for Memorial Day, is just how much traffic is here, how many people are here,” Collins said. “This year, we have Memorial Day, which is celebrated throughout the state, but especially here on the coast when the bike rally is here and the veteran’s celebration.”

Friday proved just what Collins said. There were two accidents on Kings Highway near Surfside Beach within two miles of each other in a one-hour time span, all involving a motorcycle. A third crash involving a motorcycle turned deadly when troopers said a biker tried to go across the northbound lanes of Highway 501 near SC 544, but ended up being hit by a Honda Accord and a tractor-trailer.

Collins said that drivers can go back to the basics and help prevent accidents from happening.

“Check your blind spots before you make any lane changes. Some of these motorcycles are very loud, some of them are not very loud, so they can slip up right beside you and you not even realize it,” Collins said.

He also said the South Carolina Highway Patrol is working with six other agencies in the area throughout the summer in an attempt to keep the traffic under control.

And with Memorial Day and BikeFest coming up, authorities are getting ready. Myrtle Beach police, along with South Carolina Highway Patrol, have put up barricades that people will see throughout the city to help get it ready for the BikeFest traffic loop.

The traffic loop will go into effect between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday to help regulate traffic during BikeFest.

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