Visitors weigh in on Spring Harley Rally outcome

Updated: May. 17, 2019 at 7:57 PM EDT
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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Some visitors wished the outcome of the Spring Harley Rally would be what it used to be decades ago, but others don’t mind the calm lull they have seen on the Grand Strand this past week.

“Probably thirty years,” said Max Barlow when asked how long he has come down to visit during bike week.

“We’ve been coming down for bike week for about 15 years," said another visitor named Holly from North Carolina.

Coming to the Grand Strand to ride their Harley’s in the spring is a tradition some people have no plans to break.

“We just love the atmosphere. The camaraderie. All of it," said Barlow.

However, some feel that participation has diminished over the years.

“We felt like we were not wanted at all in one period of time, but since then it’s slowly been building back up,” Barlow said.

Businesses in downtown Myrtle Beach, like Boardwalk Coffee House, said business this bike season seems more level.

“I did have one customer today say, ‘Hey, this is nothing. I’d come here all the time at this time if I knew it was like this,’ So they were pleasantly surprised that it was calm and really not bad at all," said worker Deann Sarvar.

“I think it was crazier then. We like a lesser, laid back pace,” said Holly.

Others, miss the way it used to be.

“We’re kinda rooted out to North Myrtle or Murrells Inlet. Now, I used to love it. There were twice as many bikes as there used to be. I used to love it,” said Barlow.

“It really slowed down and I noticed the last couple years its really picked up as far as the bikers coming in more," said Barbara Barlow.

Either way, Max and Barbara Barlow will stay a familiar face.

“We’ll be back next year," said Max Barlow.

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