Restaurant Scorecard: Inspectors uncover dirty knives, standing water in popular restaurant

Restaurant Scorecard: Inspectors uncover dirty knives, standing water in popular restaurant

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Inspectors said they found expired food, dirty knives and standing water at a popular restaurant in The Market Common.

Inspectors from the Department of Health and Environmental Control went to Tupelo Honey Cafe at 3042 Howard Ave., where they said they found improper holding temperatures for a variety of hot and cold foods.

A report showed that sauces, condiments, dressing and romaine lettuce were found with date markings exceeding seven days. It also said a spray bottle under the hand sink was not marked properly.

Inspectors found improper cooling methods for cheesy potato casserole and baked chicken wings.

Documents showed a container storing grilled chicken and a cut granny smith apple was found being stored on the product itself and the egg slicer was found stored on top of hard boiled eggs out of the shell.

Inspectors also discovered scoop handles stored in the chicken breading and hush puppy batter and floors in the dish room were found cut and exposing the concrete floor. Officials found that cut area was holding water. We’re told a plan for repair was submitted last October.

They also uncovered dirty knives were being stored on a magnetic strip in the prep area and a small make top cooler was observed dripping water and collecting in the bottom. The larger make top on the cook line was observed with standing water and missing a handle, according to the inspector’s report.

Inspectors gave Tupelo Honey Cafe a 74 out of 100.

Tupelo Honey had a re-inspection within 24 hours and received a perfect score of 100.

“The health and safety of our guests are Tupelo Honey’s top priorities. All inspection observations were immediately rectified,” the restaurant said in a statement sent to WMBF News.

Next up is CW’s Wings And Rib Shack at 117 A Rivertown Boulevard in Conway.

Inspectors found improper hot and cold holding temperatures for a variety of foods.

They also discovered an accumulation of grease and food debris on the exterior of the chili hot holding unit .

The sides and exterior of the cook line equipment and prep table shelves had accumulation of grease and food debris as well, according to the DHEC report.

Inspectors said they say that caulk was missing at the hand-sink to the wall and at the hood unit.

The DHEC report also noted that there was no holding thermometer in the glass door cooler by the prep sink.

CW’S Wing And Rib Shack received an 88 out of 100.

This week’s perfect scores?

A triple play again this week.

Pirates Cove Ice Cream at 6900 North Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, Chick-Fil-A at 2360 Dick Pond Road in Myrtle Beach and Cock-A-Doodle Cafe at 3840 Highway 701 North in Conway. Each restaurant scored a 100.

Two new places to break bread in the South Strand. Look for wild fired pizza, laughs and beer to come to Surfside Beach. Pizza Hyena at 13 South Ocean Boulevard is expected to open sometime this summer.

If sushi’s on your menu you can enjoy “Yagi Sushi and Hibachi” now. The eatery at 47 A Dagullah Way in Pawleys Island is already open.

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