Polo Farms residents upset over possible mine operation coming to area

Polo Farms Mining

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A mine could be coming to the Polo Farms area of Highway 905.

Professional Engineer, Steve Powell with Venture Engineering says his clients are looking to mine sand and create a lake behind the community.

Powell explained the project will be 55 acres. He believes the lake could act as a flood mitigation basin, but residents are skeptical.

"I feel like the town crier. Except I don’t know if they’re coming with bayonets or excavators, but we have to be ready. We do not want a mine,” said resident Peggy Bushey.

Bushey says she received a call from councilman Danny Hardee last week, explaining a developer was looking at the area. Bushey, along with other residents, met with Venture Engineering on Thursday.

"They said we could have the lake. We don’t want the lake, we don’t want to pay taxes on it and we don’t want our HOA fees to go up,” said Bushey.

Another concern for the residents is traffic. Powell says the company would mine for two to three years.

"My main concern is what it’s going to do to property value,” explained resident Kyran Connelly. "One of the main problems we had since the flood is people who did not come back to their houses, people who could not afford to fix them. Some people just abandoning them and walking away and as you can see on some houses the siding is off, the lawn isn’t cut. This is going to decrease property values in the neighborhood. Now if we bring in a mine on top of that and people who want to potentially buy here hear about a mine, it’s going to do much more damage to the property value.”

Venture Engineering has not yet submitted a formal proposal for the mine.

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