Bear in tree captivates neighborhood for hours

Reason for ‘paws’

ARLINGTON, Mass. (Gray News/WHDH/CNN) – There’s nothing like a bear sighting to liven up the neighborhood on a Friday.

“That was just crazy. I heard the helicopters, and that’s what started it,” one Arlington resident said. “Then we heard they’re looking for a bear.”

The 130-pound black bear lead police through several streets and backyards in metropolitan Boston before climbing up a tree and finding a limb to lounge on.

The 2- to 3-year-old bear ended up more than 50 feet in the air in someone’s backyard.

Police, firefighters and wildlife experts were all on the scene before Massachusetts Environmental Police tranquilized the animal and waited for the drugs to take effect.

Two hours later, the groggy bear climbed out of the tree, laid down on the ground and took a nap.

“The bear is in the Mass Environmental Police truck. He is safe, unharmed and on the way to western Mass,” the Arlington Police tweeted. “Thank you to all agencies involved for the best possible outcome.”

The bear was safely relocated and even paused for a picture before walking off into the woods.

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