CBD gains popularity with athletes

CBD in Sports

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - As sports leagues continue to change their stance on the use of cannabidiol or CBD, local distributors are noticing a boost in product sales.

“In my opinion it’s long past due, these are conversations we should’ve had 20 years ago when this information was coming to light,” said CBD shop owner David Spang.

From joint pain, anxiety and concussion recovery, the use of CBD in the world of sports continues to evolve.

Spang said they’ve seen a huge interest in their products from athletes competing in MMA and golfers who are also partnering as advertisers of the products.

“It’s massive for us. It helps dissipate that negative stigma when people they view as successful are utilizing these products and getting the benefits,” said Spang.

Longtime pharmacist Daniel Bundrick even started selling CBD products at his Surfside Beach Pharmacy after using different products to deal with joint pain in his legs.

“I still love to play softball and golf, it just helps with pain,” said Bundrick.

Just last week, PGA golfer Bubba Watson announced an advertising partnership with a CBD company shedding new light on the already fast growing movement.

Bundrick said CBD oils and products have given athletes dealing with injuries an alternative to opioid pain killers and works closely with each customer to properly educate them about the use of CBD.

“We’ve had several people get totally off their opioids and pain medicine or at least cut them in half,” said Bundrick.

As more sports leagues and trainers become open to the use of CBD, both Bundrick and Spang expect it to become a major factor in the future of sports medication.

"We’ve always embraced those natural type choices when it’s effective and in this case it is,” said Bundrick.

Experts advise that if you are planning to use CBD oil to educate yourself on the product you purchase.

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