Neighbors recount father’s heroic efforts to save daughter from pond in Aynor

Aynor Toddler Drowning Folo

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Neighbors are still in shock after a two-year-old died in a pond on Wednesday near Aynor.

Horry County police said they’re no longer investigating the death of two-year-old Elizabeth Brown.

Spokesperson Mikayla Moskov said the case will be officially resolved once a copy of the coroners report is given to HCPD.

Elizabeth was the daughter of Horry County Fire Rescue firefighter and EMT Brandon Brown. Neighbors told WMBF News that Brandon is the one who found is daughter in the pond near Anne’s Court on Wednesday.

“When he saw her he screamed, ‘No, it can’t be,’ he jumped in the pond and next thing I knew he was laying down and doing CPR,” said neighbor Vicki Gosselin. “We knew she wasn’t going to make it but I was trying to give the parents confidence.”

“He did CPR until the ambulances arrived,” added neighbor Natalie Coates.

Neighbors explained the girl was rushed to Conway Medical Center, then flown to Grand Strand Medical Center where she later died.

“It’s horrible to watch someone go through that, especially the mom. I feel for her the most. It was like she couldn’t even live anymore, she was laying on the floor and could barely cope,” said Gosselin.

Neighbors said Elizabeth was a twin, and one of four children.

“I just really hate what they’re going through and they’re in everybody’s thoughts and prayers,” said Coates.

“I just wish I could do more for them and I want them to know they’re in my prayers and my churches prayer,” added Gosselin.

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