“Slow Roll” helps first-time bikers explore Myrtle Beach trails

“Slow Roll” helps first-time bikers explore Myrtle Beach trails

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - With dozens of bike paths stretching miles throughout the Grand Strand, it can be a little intimidating for first-time riders to hop on a bike.

A dozen new riders took part Tuesday morning in a “Slow Roll,” learning the ways of trails.

The Slow Roll program, put on by the Myrtle Beach Recreation Department, has been cruising throughout the city for several weeks showing off numerous bike trails that Myrtle Beach offers cyclists.

“We’re lucky that we have a lot of bike infrastructure here that people already don’t realize,” Myrtle Beach Recreational Services Director Dustin Jordan said.

With the addition of bike lanes and riding trails throughout the city of Myrtle Beach, Slow Roll is encouraging everyone to get out and ride a bike.

“People are really enjoying not just being out on the bikes and using the infrastructure that we have, but learning about the city and the parks that we have,” Slow Roll Lead Cyclist Troy Marron said.

Marron works with groups of 12, riding five to eight miles and shares tips and rules of the road as the sport of cycling gains more popularity in Myrtle Beach.

“We’re seeing it everywhere, they’re getting out and riding so that’s why were stressing more bike infrastructure and bike lanes and bike paths, because people like to get outdoors and enjoy the city,” said Jordan.

Even long-time bike shop owners are noticing the boost in business.

“Cycling in all forms is getting popular in the area which is great,” said Michael Miller with Beach Bike Shop in Myrtle Beach.

For businesses like the Beach Bike Shop, cycling has become more popular in the past decade, which has a lot to do with the city of Myrtle Beach investing in bike lanes and bike trails throughout the city.

“It’s just shined a light on these things, a lot of these places have been hidden gems for years,” said Miller.

Over the next two months, Marron is taking groups to paths along the Golden Mile, South Ocean Boulevard and the Market Common.

His main goal is to help riders become more comfortable on their bike and get more people riding as part of the new Myrtle Beach Fit campaign.

“Everything from outdoor recreation to cooking seminars, all kinds of fitness programs rolled into one that’s what were calling Myrtle Beach Fit,” said Jordan.

With three more Slow Rolls left this season, Myrtle Beach recreation hope to encourage more riders to hop on their bike in the fall.

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