North Myrtle Beach wedding chapel getting new life as a vintage bar

North Myrtle Beach wedding chapel getting new life as a vintage bar
Wedding chapel on Highway 17 to be turned into a vintage bar

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The circle of life will start anew for a defunct North Myrtle Beach wedding chapel when it reopens as a bar in three or four months.

The wedding chapel next to Midtown Bistro on Highway 17 in North Myrtle Beach will eventually open as Bar 1912, a small venue furnished in lots of leather with a wall of liquor behind the bar. And it won’t be hard to find for folks on Highway 17, as 1912 is also the address.

“Vintage. That’s the word,” said owner Jeff Martini while describing his vision for the new bar.

Martini owns Midtown Bistro next door, and needed more parking. The chapel land will let Martini bump up his parking capacity from 27 spaces to 61.

“I bought it for the parking because we needed the parking bad,” Martini said. With the chapel land came a reception hall, which Martini tore down.

“While we were tearing it down, it kind of made that whole back chapel pop on Highway 17,” Martini added. “So I said ‘Well, let me try a little bourbon bar here.'"

Because the new bar will be right next door to Midtown Bistro, Martini is hoping to marry the two concepts.

“It’d be nice because Midtown Bistro, we’re on a wait all the time,” he said. “Our customers can walk over there, get a drink, get an app. We can call them to come back or vice versa.”

Renovations are starting this week, Martini said, adding the bar is scheduled to open in 90 to 120 days.

Customers seeing the bar for the first time won’t see much resemblance to the old nuptials hall.

The white stucco will be torn off and the exterior will be covered in HardiePlank and painted a Charleston blue, Martini said. The inside will feature lots of leather and polished concrete floors with tables and high-back booths.

“When you walk in, you’re gonna have these beautiful, humongous, double-doors that you’ll walk into,” Martini said. “You’ll come into a small hallway. When you look to the right, [there] will be the full bar. When you look to the left, you’ll go down the hallway. There’ll be the kitchen, bathrooms, and then you’ll walk outside to a courtyard. So we’re going to have probably an 800-square-foot courtyard out back, and we’ll have a fire-pit [and] nice chairs on the golf course as well.”

Upstairs will be a private room available for rent to small groups of up to 20 people. It will come with its own bartender and bathrooms. A glass wall will give patrons a view of Azalea Sands golf course.

On the culinary side, the bar list will feature a selection of craft beer, bourbon, scotch, gin and wine, among others. Martini said the menu will be driven by small plates in the $8 to $15 range, with choices like a cheese plate, jalapeno-bacon-wrapped scallops, a fish of the day, and even black squid ink pasta.

“Nothing looks like this bar,” Martini said. “It’s gonna be small, but quaint.”

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