New restaurants could bring new life to Ocean Boulevard’s south end

New restaurants could bring new life to Ocean Boulevard’s south end

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The growth of Ocean Boulevard’s south end has been dormant for years, but several new project proposals could bring new life to a different part of the city.

The proposal is to take a selection beachfront property between 18th and 19th Avenue South, which has sat vacant since 2006, and build two restaurants right off Ocean Boulevard.

“It would be nice to have lunch, supper or breakfast on this strip,” said resident Sue Middleton.

Originally the core of Myrtle Beach, the south end of Ocean Boulevard, is one of the cities more historic locations.

“It was almost no man’s land for many years,” said Chairman of Community Appearance Board Larry Bragg.

Miller Design Services will request a conceptual review on Thursday to build a Bubba’s Fish Shak and Ultimate California Pizza on what currently is an empty beachfront lot.

“It would be so easy for everyone,” said Mary Jones.

Currently, not many businesses other than hotels sit on the south end. Bragg said bringing any type of life to that end of the boulevard is a plus.

“We can’t get the entire strip to be Grand Dunes, but we certainly don’t want to be Flop Hill Road,” said Bragg.

The city said in recent years they’ve had several business and developments show interest in the south end of Ocean Boulevard and are glad to see a local business getting involved.

“We’re excited that they’re looking at that section on South Ocean Boulevard,” said Myrtle Beach city spokesperson Mark Kruea.

Vacationers don’t want it to stop there, hoping more places like snack shops, ice cream, gift shop or even a drug store.

With new project visibly underway, Bragg is confident in the south end revitalization moving forward.

“You already know it’s going to be great and that’s fascinating,” said Bragg.

The Community Appearance Board meeting will take place at the city service building on North Oak Street at 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

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