Homeowners want to see change after they say disturbances keep them up at night

Updated: Apr. 29, 2019 at 10:12 PM EDT
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CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Homeowners in the Fairway at Wild Wing want to see change after some say they’ve been kept up until the early morning hours due to parties in what they were told was a family community.

“The latest issue is several college students partying until 5:30 in the morning. The next night they started up again,” said resident Chris Waldron.

Chris and Donna Waldron said they moved in to their home in Wild Wing about two years ago. The Waldron’s said they were told by D.R. Horton it was a family community.

“We were told we’d have neighbors who had just had a child and they were going to be moving in. It’d be a nice, peaceful atmosphere and because we had the new builds, we’d have choice of certain amenities,” said Chris Waldron.

WMBF News is still waiting to hear back from D.R. Horton for comment at this time.

Donna Waldron said neighbors have put up fences to keep people out of their yards.

“Very frustrated because it seems to be everybody’s attitude is ‘It’s a college community,’ like you just have to put up with it,” said Donna Waldron.

The Conway Police Department provided three police reports in the last month that show incidents in the Fairway at Wild Wing area. A police report from March 30, 2019 states officers responded to a party in Fairway at Wild Wing.

Officers noted some of the cars at this party moved from a previous party the officers responded to. The police report notes someone at the party was issued citations for possession of liquor by a minor, simple possession of marijuana and open container.

“Every call we have had for parking we respond and cite if the officer believes it is needed. If for noise, same thing, at the officer’s discretion. If residents have issues, call the police. We disperse as needed, cite as appropriate, and arrest when needed. It is a development that has mixed residential, retirees, and college students. This can create some friction due to quality of life expectations. We respond and mitigate as we can," Conway Police Chief Dale Long said.

Renee Wikstrom, communications director with the Better Business Bureau, said it’s important to research as much as you possibly can before buying a home.

“Building companies, they’re there to build houses and sell homes. It all falls back on the consumer to be careful. Do your research, do it twice and do it three times,” said Wikstrom.

Wikstrom said doing research can include talking with several neighbors in the area and even consult with a professional – like a realtor.

“They’re going to be able to tell you probably about homes they’ve sold in the area. They can send you to their prior customers and they can tell you what it was like to be in that neighborhood," Wikstrom said.

Coastal Carolina University said they have a Community Alliance group which, “works to build constructive and effective relationships with residential communities.”

Property management groups and homeowners associations are encouraged to reach out and become involved. Residents can do that by emailing

“The Wild Wing community is not the jurisdiction of the CCU Department of Public Safety. However, if an incident involves students, making the CCP DPS aware that a call for public safety was made is helpful,” said Martha Hunn with Coastal Carolina University.

Chris and Donna Waldron said they want the disruptions to stop.

“Showing disrespect for the property. Zooming up and down the road,” said Chris Waldron.

The city of Conway has a noise ordinance in place. Spokesperson for the city, Taylor Newell, said typically a warning is issued for the first offense and a ticket if the problem continues.

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