Suspect Search: Alleged credit card thief goes on shopping spree, stalking suspect on the loose

Suspect Search: 04-25

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Police say they’re searching for a suspected credit card thief and a man who’s accused in a stalking incident.

Gomaro Martinez Dowdell (Source:Horry County Police Dept.)
Gomaro Martinez Dowdell (Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Horry County Police are trying to track down Gomaro Martinez Dowdell.

They responded to Glenns Bay Road last month in reference to a theft from a vehicle.

The victim said someone entered her unlocked car and stole 11 items including a credit card. She said that card was used at a Circle K and Walmart.

Authorities said Dowdell and another suspect were caught on surveillance video inside Walmart, purchasing a Bluetooth speaker worth more than $100.

They said the duo attempted to buy a phone card worth about $215, but that purchase was declined.

Dowdell is charged with two counts of financial transaction card fraud $500 or less. He’s 20 years old with a last known address of Outboard Drive in Murrells Inlet.

John Warholak Jr. (Source:Horry County Police Dept.)
John Warholak Jr. (Source:Horry County Police Dept.)

Police are also looking for John Warholak Jr.

Last December authorities responded in December to the Little River area in reference to a stalking incident.

The victim said Warholak passed by her house frequently the day before. She said he stopped in front of her driveway while her garage door was open until the neighbor came over and forced him to leave.

The victim said she’s scared of him and afraid he’s going to do something to her.

She said she wanted to alert authorities in case things escalate.

Warholak is charged with first-degree harassment.

He’s 67 years old and has a last known address of Meadowside Drive in Little River.

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