Proposal to bring hundreds of new homes in the works for Island Green

Updated: Apr. 26, 2019 at 7:57 PM EDT
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HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – An old golf course could soon be home to more than 400 single family and townhomes if the Horry County Planning Commission gives the green light.

The plans are proposed for part of the old golf course. Steve Powell, the engineer for the project, said, if approved, the homes would be built on the old 18 holes.

The proposal includes 331 single family homes and 115 townhomes. Powell said some of what is already built in Island Green was approved back in 1981.

Powell said the plans were met with some concerns including access points from outside of the development and traffic on Sunnehanna Drive. He said a second access road was brought up, but because they don’t own property to connect the development to the road outside of it, they’re unable to create another road.

“We’re a half-mile from Freewoods Road, so it really wasn’t feasible because of the geography of Island Green to get a second point of external access out to Freewoods Road. We don’t own anything a half-a-mile out to Freewoods Road so that’s virtually impossible," Powell said.

Some homeowners said they don’t mind more people moving in.

“The more the merrier,” said neighbor Michelle Coker.

But she also said they are concerned traffic will be an issue with more homes on the horizon.

Coker said the road is already in rough shape as it is. She said she wouldn’t mind more families moving in, but she is also concerned about storm water in Island Green if more homes are built.

She said a neighbor of hers was cleaning out the ditch next to Sunnehanna Drive because he was concerned water would back up in his yard.

“He’s lived here seven years and he’s had back up four times in his own home,” she said.

Jim Toth has lived in Island Green for 15 years. He said he is not in favor of the proposal for more homes. He said he would be disappointed to see the community he’s come to know and love change and become more congested.

Another homeowner named Carol told WMBF News she was one of the first homes in Island Green before the rest of the homes were built. She said she hopes a few holes of the old course will stay, but she knows development is happening all around the county.

Powell said they’re working on addressing the road and storm water concerns.

“Most of the drainage for all of these 24 HOA’s is along the two sides of Sunnehanna Drive. Changing that drainage is going to be an additional challenge. Improving that to make sure we can reduce the risk of flooding,” said Powell.

A packet provided from Horry County Planning Commission said, “the applicant supplied a ‘mitigation’ plan for improvements to Sunnehanna Drive. However, staff does not believe the proposed mitigation adequately addresses the public safety and traffic circulation needs.”

“What we would do is prepare a conceptual set of road plans showing what we could do in that 60 foot set of right of way, present that to staff, work through that with staff, see if we can all get on the same page,” said Powell.

Powell said they’re working on making adjustments to the plan and will bring it back to planning commission in the next week or so.

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