Fearless Athletics brings competitive cheer to Myrtle Beach

Cheer Competition

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Get ready to get fearless with Myrtle Beach’s newest competitive cheer academy.

Currently the largest and fastest growing cheer and dance facility in Western North Carolina, Fearless Athletics has made its way to Myrtle Beach.

In only their first year in Myrtle Beach, Fearless Athletics has nearly 60 young girls involved in their competitive cheerleading program, and will compete in the U.S. Finals next weekend representing Myrtle Beach.

“The kids are very athletic and learning at a high level and it’s been a great season so far,” said Nicholas Sweeney, owner of Fearless Athletics.

Originally based in North Carolina, Fearless Athletics found a new home in Myrtle Beach looking to grow the sport of competitive cheerleading.

“I really want Fearless to have that experience. I know it’s gonna take a few years but you know it’s worth it,” said Hannah Evans.

Fearless coaches Hannah and Katelynn have nearly a decade of competitive cheer experience and now help train girls between the ages of seven and seventeen.

“It’s more competitive. You get to do things like stunts, tumbling, rather than just standing there and doing a cheer,” said Gracelyn Toler.

Unlike traditional Friday night football cheerleading, Fearless Athletics combines gymnastics, dance and cheer, competing in competitions throughout the country.

“It’s very nerve-racking but once you get out there and start memorizing what you’re doing it’s really fun,” said Emily Gerrets.

While the main focus of the sport is competition, Fearless Athletics is strongly focused on building a family-like atmosphere.

“We know everyone makes mistakes and we believe and trust in our team,” said Emma Carpenter.

The team recently moved into a new facility as they continue to grow and prepare for the U.S. Finals in Virginia Beach.

"It’s a big stepping-stone being that we have our own building, we have her own space, we’re not part of anything else. We’re just Fearless and we’re ready to compete,” said Hannah Evans.

If you are interested in seeing the Fearless cheer squad in action, they’ll have a showcase on Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

Fearless Athletics will hold open tryouts for those interested in joining the team May 16 through May 18 at their facility, located at 335 Bush Drive in Myrtle Beach.

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